What is the difference with our site compared to other Oil employment sites?

I have truthful information on how to get a job in the Oil and Gas Industry

Why with the experience, I don’t hear from an employer in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Experienced or not some courses are required to work in some of the sites. OSSA sites need courses explained in our Safety link.

Why should I pay for my resume to be posted on your site?

Paying means you have your resume reaching all our clients and it shows that you are serious about getting a job in the industry

Courses are needed to get into OSSA sites?

To start you need to get some important training which is needed before working on any of the OSSA sites and most likely other Oilsands sites as well. Please see our Safety Link.

How do I apply for a job?

Posting your resume does cost, however it shows the employer that you are serious about applying to their company.



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