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Canadian Oilsands Jobs is dedicated to providing job seekers and employers with resources for the construction, oil and gas, mining, and environmental industries. We help with industry leaders and experts who saw the need for a job service bringing the skilled tradespeople and the companies who need to bring skilled jobs to you.

Mission Statement
Helping all employees and employer who have jobs, skills and abilities for the construction, oil and gas, mining, and environmental industries. To help guide each person in the right direction for the skills needed to obtain the job of their dreams!

Behavior Descriptive Interviews
We use Behaviour Descriptive Interviewing (BDI) methods. BDI is an assessment technique that focuses on what candidates have done in the past, not on what they say they might do in the future. Before the interview, our recruitment team identifies core competencies and skills required to succeed in a particular role, and then builds a structured pattern of questions around these. This method allows us to gather the greatest information about you, the candidate.

Using BDI, we assess your accomplishments and not just your personality or demeanour during the interview. In fact, the more recent the past behaviour and /or the more longstanding the behaviour, the greater its predictive power.

To assist you in best preparing and understanding the questioning technique, below are sample questions commonly asked in a BDI:

•Reflect over the past few years to a situation where you made best use of your technical or problem-solving skills. Please describe a specific challenge that brought out the best in your skills; and
•Tell us about a time where you feel you showed significant initiative in one of your previous roles.
The most effective answers follow the STAR Principle. When responding to BDI questions, structure your responses to include the following:




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